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“ Multi-functional Intellectual-Type Micro-Computer Gas Meters

--- Genuinely Intelligent and Sophisticated ”


Micomtek's Multi-functional Intellectual-Type Micro-Computer Gas Meters for NG and LPG

Micomtek also offers the multi-functional Integrated Security Gas Meter, combining a computerized gas meter and a remote controller into a single unit for even greater convenience, economy and space-saving advantages. The meter is equipped with a connection device featuring the wireless automatic meter-reading (AMR) system enabling the reading of the gas meter from a remote area. A centralized system is developed to perform safety management from the distance, capable of serving a maximum of 200,000 homes. Micomtek uses a built-in micro-computer to monitor the performance of the gas meter in the household, detect gas leaks round the clock, and, if leaks being detected, automatically shut down the system. A cutting-edge electronic product, the Micomtek gas meter will soon prove to be the safest and most reliable measurement device available on the market.



Micomtek's gas flow shut-off system:

1. Compact and economical, while equipped with

● a built-in Emergency Shut-off Valve (ESV)

● simple piping and easy installation

2. Easy and safe to reset

● easy “push-button” action to reset

● fail/safe mechanism included

3. Acoustically alarming system with

● a buzz for the alarm system

● the “shut-off” mechanism distinguishable for the “leakage” function

Special features of the system:

文字方塊: Terminal Board


Unique Merit and Feature: Energy-Saving Design

The MT Series Micro-Computer Gas Meter employs an energy-saving design and a built-in small size non-rechargeable Lithium battery, able to supply electric power consumed by hardware and software for meter-reading, event warning, LCD display and on-and-off mechanism of *ESVs, etc.

Based on the following statistical data and informafion obtained among the domestic consumers, it is concluded that no change of battery in the computer is needed in 10 years:

•  The consumer uses gas for a total of 4 hours per day on a 20 hours per day stand-by basis.

•  The consumer communicates 100 times per year with the Monitoring Center.

•  The *ESV turns on and off 100 times per year.

•  The battery's natural decay rate: 0.5% per year

*ESV = Emergency Shut-Off Valve

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